A Buyer's Guide to Adult Incontinence Products

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Incontinence is a problem that has many different challenges. This can lead to many different questions. This is especially true if you are a caregiver who is trying to help an elderly loved one manage their incontinence. Educating yourself about incontinence is the best way to deal with it. One of the biggest questions and concerns is about what type of incontinence products to use. The good news is that there is a lot of information that is available. Here is a buyer’s guide to choosing adult incontinence products.
There are many different factors that you should take into account, when choosing an incontinence product either for yourself, or a senior that you are providing care for. There are numerous products that can help with managing incontinence. However, the wide variety of products, an also make it more difficult to choose. Some of the factors that you should take into account are-

The amount of urine loss-All incontinence is not the same. Some individuals only leak a small amount of urine, while others have complete loss of control. This affects both the type of product that should be used and the absorbency that is in the product.

Comfort-Caregivers want to make sure that whatever incontinence product the senior is using is comfortable. Size and gender should be taken into account, since today there are products for both men and women that come in a variety of sizes.

Price-Incontinence products can be pricey. However, with some time and research, caregivers can find an affordable product. Many online sites offer great discounts when buying in bulk, and often will ship the products for free. Best of all, you can often purchase a sample to determine if this is the right product, before you buy a large amount.

Durability-The reality is that some products are far more durable then others. Often times, caregivers will purchase a discount incontinence product only to find out that it is simply not durable enough. Caregivers would do well to seek out online recommendations that help them determine the durability of any given incontinence product.

Ease of use-Whether you are purchasing an incontinence product for a still active senior or you are looking for a product for an elderly loved one, you will want to the product to be easy to use. No one wants to be stuck having to wrestle off an incontinence product when changing their clothes. Today, there are a variety of easy pull up and pull down products, along with tabs, snaps, and other easy fasteners. Caregivers will need to select the product that most easily fits the lifestyle and activity level, of the senior with incontinence.

Ability to control odor-There is no getting around the fact that incontinence products need to be able to control the associated odors. The bottom line is that some products are simply far better at this than others.

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