NEW! Enhancing Normalcy and Dignity with Disposable Boxers from Prevail

Men with incontinence want to live a normal, dignified lifestyle
Dealing with incontinence problems can be difficult enough as a man, having to sacrifice your favorite boxer style underwear for a pull-on style incontinence product is just too much. It can mess with a man’s dignity, and be a real blow to their pride. Fortunately, Prevail understood this need, and their research and development team went to work creating disposable boxers. Now, for the first time ever, you can manage your incontinence in style with a pull on underwear that is in a boxer style.

 Those that suffer from incontinence are often embarrassed by the need for adult diapers, disposable underwear, and other incontinence products. It can be humiliating to wear bulky underwear to protect against leaks. Often, the biggest impact on an individual with incontinence is to their pride. They feel embarrassed, and unable to lead a normal life. With Prevail disposable boxers, men who have incontinence can increase the normalcy and dignity of their life, despite their condition.

"These are perfect when I'm out, like at the club house,
because no one knows I'm wearing a disposable product."
Disposable boxers are a new incontinence product that looks just like a pair of men’s boxers. They offer a subtle, masculine pattern, and look so much like the real thing, no one will ever be able to tell the difference. However, they are absorbent in all the right places, the places men need most, and protect as well as a traditional pull-on style incontinence underwear.

These boxer style pull-on underwear are so streamlined, no one will ever know they are an incontinence product. You can wear underwear that looks and feels like that of any other man, while still being able to take care of your incontinence needs. Even under tight fitting pants and jeans, they will appear as a typical pair of boxers would. 

Prevail Boxers will be available in two sizes as follows:

Prevail Boxers for men are just as absorbent as regular pull-ons, but give you the look and feel of traditional boxer underwear. No extra bulk, and all the protection you need. The fabric is cloth-like, so they do not just look like a traditional pair of men’s boxers they feel like them too.

Incontinence boxers are designed for men with moderate to heavy incontinence. The masculine look, and comfortable feel, makes them an easy option for men looking for a sporty, boxer type of underwear to manage their incontinence needs.

                                What the video:  How to choose the right incontinence product

If you want to restore some normalcy and dignity to your life, and miss the look and feel of a traditional boxer style undergarment, the Prevail Pull-On Boxers may be the right incontinence product for you. We at The CareGiver Partnership are the first to offer this innovative, new incontinence product, and are currently taking pre-orders for Prevail Boxers when you call 1-800-985-1353.

2-count samples will also be available shortly for $3.49 S&H.


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