Products To Increase Elderly Mobility

Products assist with daily mobility.
One of the major problems for the aging population, is the decrease in mobility. Whether this is from disease, injury, surgery, or is a result of the natural process of aging, it can be devastating for the elderly who are trying to deal with it. Caregivers often find that the lack of mobility by the seniors in their lives can cause them to experience much lower quality of life in their everyday tasks. Restoring mobility to the elderly can often increase their opportunities to once again live the full and rich life they deserve. Today there is a wide variety of products to increase elderly mobility.   
Here are just a few of them-
  • Walkers and canes-These products can provide an easier degree of assistance, when the elderly are trying to get around. Canes can provide stability, and security, and walkers can provide additional support. There are even some canes that are lighted and can provide additional security, and safety, for mobility even at night. Today many walkers also come with baskets, bags, and other attachments, that mean seniors can move through home, or other spaces with their hands free yet carrying handiwork, magazines, or other items that they would like to take with them.
  • Rollator- This is the next step in using a walker. This heavy-duty rolling "walker" supports up to 400 lbs. It also has a padded seat, and backrest, and loop brakes, for quick and easy stopping. While it is technically a walker, it is easy to maneuver and folds for storage. Many of the elderly find this type of walker with wheels restores mobility. Because of its light weight, and easy folding capacity, it allows the senior to leave home, and be mobile in other locations.
  • Rising assist devices-Mobility is not just about walking around. Many seniors find it difficult to stand from bed or chair. There are now a variety of products that can help increase the mobility of the elderly, as they go about their daily tasks. A couch cane can help a senior rise, or sit down securely, and pain free. It comes with a handy four pouch organizer that allows the senior to have materials they want at hand. Anti-skid pads help the item stay securely attached to the floor. In addition, bed assist devices are available to offer the elderly a secure place to pull themselves up from their bed. These devices attach under the mattress and can help those with just limited mobility remain independent. At there is a wide variety of products that can fit the needs of your senior. There knowledgeable sales associates can help you determine what the right product is for you, or the elderly loved one in your life.
  • Knee walker-This item provides a comfortable alternative to crutches for the elderly who may be recovering from an orthopedic injury, or trauma. This three-wheeled walker is ideal for below the knee injuries and be used both at home, and outside.
    Enjoy the outdoors with added mobility.
  • Wheelchairs-Many seniors assume that once they become wheelchair bound they can no longer be mobile. Today’s wheelchairs offer a range of options, and more importantly are light weight, allowing the elderly to continue to travel, leave home, and go about daily living, despite being in a wheelchair. At they will work with both caregiver, and senior to determine the right wheelchair for your needs and lifestyle.   

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