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Finding the right solution

When Mary’s mother moved in with her it quickly became apparent she needed to find an incontinence product which would effectively help her mother and her manage her incontinence. While Mary’s mother did have some health problems she still had enough mobility that allowed her to dress herself. However, she needed incontinence supplies which would be easy to put on and take off and would be easy for Mary to help her with if she needed to. With so many choices available Mary was unsure what the solution would be. After talking to the ladies at The CareGiver Partnership she was able to find out pull-on underwear might just be the right solution for her mother’s incontinence management needs.

What’s the best product for me or my loved one?
It can be overwhelming to try and determine exactly what incontinence supplies you or the loved one in your care may need. There are more choices than ever before and they’re changing all the time. This creates even more confusion. There’s pull-on underwear for men, for women, for either; there’s boxers for men, adjustable underwear, briefs (adult diapers), pads for women, liners, guards for men, shields for men, underpads, chair pads, bed pads, undergarments, booster pads, swim pants, washable products, shaped pads, and soon bladder control inserts.

The Caregiver Partnership understands this confusion and have created an easy to use guide which explains all the style options which can help you determine what incontinence products are right for you or you can call and speak with one of their knowledgeable ladies.

Why choosing adult pull ups can be the right solution

After Mary talked to the ladies at The CareGiver Partnership she found there were several reasons why choosing pull up underwear can be the most effective incontinence product for many people. Three of the reasons are:
  • Adult pull ups are offered in most of the major brands of incontinence supplies. The reality is not every incontinence product is right for everyone. Most people find they need to try a few brands of incontinence products before they find the right one for them. Because adult pull ups are offered in most of the major brands this means there are plenty to try before finding the right one that works best for you. 
  • Adult pull ups come in a variety of different sizes. Manufacturers of incontinence supplies understand fit is crucial when it comes to any adult pull up. If the fit is too small or too large then the wearer risks leakage and accidents. Because adult pull ups are offered in so many different sizes, you can now find just the right size so there is no need to worry about leakage and accidents. 
  • Adult pull ups can be easily used by the wearer or they can be easily changed when a caregiver needs to help. Many people who are managing their own incontinence want an incontinence product which is easy to put on and take off when it's time to change. An adult pull up can be used even by seniors who are limited with mobility all the way to those who are still active and on the go. If a caregiver needs to be involved in the changing there are refastenable styles of adult pull ups that come with easy tear away sides for quicker and more efficient changing.
Get real help from real people.

Since 2004, The Caregiver Partnership has been helping people just like you. Unlike the big box stores which usually only offer 3 brands of incontinence products, The CareGiver Partnership shops the world over to find the best incontinence products - those used by consumers and professionals alike. They offer over 733 choices which is ten times more brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies than even the big box stores. And, they have knowledgeable Product Specialists you can speak with when you call 1-800-985-1353.

However, even when you have an idea of what incontinence products you are looking for it can still be overwhelming. That’s why the free & easy Incontinence Product Finder was developed. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - fast. The video below explains how it works.

Watch this video to learn more about The Incontinence Product Finder

Consumers wasting $130 buying incontinence products

Did you know those buying incontinence products for the first time waste $130 on average in trial and error mode trying to figure out what will work best for them. This is research from the makers of Depend and Poise. The CareGiver Partnership recognizes this and that’s why they provide online tools to help you select the best choice. They also have a team of Product Specialist who are expert on all the products offered and can send you samples ($3.49 each) to try before you buy. Questions? Call them at 1-800-985-1353.

Watch this video to learn more about Try Before You Buy

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