10 Reasons to Be Thankful Today

We're thankful for tools that help us live independently. 
Innovations in home health care products and services make being a senior or caregiver easier than ever before. From high-tech monitoring to skin care basics, here’s a list of tools that help us live independently and why we’re grateful.

1. Technology makes aging in place safer and easier.

Aging in place is possible for more seniors, and caregivers can enjoy more peace of mind. Universal design has given us homes with extra conveniences, safety features and monitoring options. Personal emergency response systems, like Philips Lifeline, allow as senior to call for help 24/7. Fitness bands and smart watches can be used to keep tabs on our health and encourage good habits, while smartphone apps can help keep our homes safe and keep us connected.

2. Adult diapers are no longer the only choice for managing incontinence.
Gone are the days when we had to choose between noisy adult diapers and bulky pads. Today we’re fortunate to have options that combine superabsorbent, odor-controlling materials with slim-fitting garments that fit and feel more like regular underwear. Other innovations include revolutionary products like bladder supports, ABL pads, reusable swim pants and much more.

3. Social media allows us to connect in new ways.

Whether you’re a senior or caregiver, you never have to live in isolation nowadays. From sharing favorite tips and jokes on Pinterest, to maintaining relationships with family and friends near and far on Facebook, to learning something new every week on this blog and others dedicated to caregiving, staying connected and learning through social media can be a real blessing.

4. Online resources help ease caregiving and self-care.

Caregivers and seniors today enjoy free access to thousands of resources and online support. Explore our site for a resource library with more than 1,500 links, access to personal assistance from experienced caregivers, a free 25-page fall prevention guide and much more.

5. Advanced skin care products improve comfort and health.

Thankfully, skin care is no longer one-size-fits-all. Senior skin has its own unique needs as it becomes thinner, less elastic and more prone to injury and infection. It’s especially important that those managing incontinence keep skin clean, moisturized and protected. Read 5 tips for keeping skin healthy with incontinence.

6. Sometimes health conditions are temporary.

Whether skin irritation has you down or prostate surgery has you feeling like a leaky faucet, many health conditions are temporary when properly treated and all are manageable. Be sure to use the handy search bar at the upper right on this blog to find answers and information on virtually any condition, or call us at 1-800-985-1353 for personalized help choosing products.

7. Manufacturers continually develop mobility tools.

In response to a growing number of baby boomers who want to remain in their own homes, manufacturers like Stander make independence tools to make every room safer. Nowadays consumers can easily and affordably equip their homes with security poles, grab bars, 2-in-1 trays and mobility handles, bed rails, walkers and rollators, raised toilet seats, bath benches and more.

8. We have programs and services to fight senior hunger.

Hunger and malnutrition are very real problems for America’s seniors. A study commissioned by the Meals On Wheels Association of America Foundation discovered 5 million American seniors are at risk of malnutrition, 2.5 million are at risk of hunger and about 750,000 experience hunger. There are a variety of federal and state programs to help seniors get proper nutrition. For those who don’t qualify for government assistance, there are services like Mom’s Meals, which delivers nutritionally balanced, freshly prepared meals to customers’ homes.

9. Incontinence supplies sometimes are tax deductible.

Individuals managing incontinence may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement of their products, depending on age, medical condition, income and local resources. Read more from an expert at Roberts, Ritschke & Tyczkowski, Ltd.

10. Online shopping is easy and discreet.

With more than 25 million Americans with transient or chronic urinary incontinence, and 10,000 boomers turning 65 every day, choosing the right product can be a costly endeavor. For this reason we’ve developed the “Try Before You Buy” sample service. Because we sell more than 500 different products in various brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies — 10 times more than even the largest stores — we can offer more than 100 products in sample packs so our customers can try before they buy. To get started on finding the perfect product for you, try our free Incontinence Product Finder tool.

With gratitude for every one of our customers,
now and throughout the year,

Tom and Lynn Wilson
Founders of The CareGiver Partnership

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