Why You Should Care About Adult Diaper Brief Banks

Marlene Ceragno and her organization,
The Adult Diaper Brief Bank in New Jersey
Millions of Americans have incontinence. Incontinence is when the bowel or bladder leaks. This is accidental, unexpected leaks that can lead to discomfort, isolation, health problems and more. One of the ways people manage this condition is with absorbent products or incontinence supplies. In other words, with adult diapers and similar products. 

Unfortunately, the cost of adult diapers is roughly $100/month and Medicare and most insurance companies do not cover this expense. This can make getting the products needed cost prohibitive for many adults.

Many of those that need adult diapers are seniors on a fixed income, disabled individuals, and those that fall below the poverty level.

When these individuals do not have the means to pay for adult diaper briefs they have only a couple choices, go without/use fewer than they actually need or use money needed for other things such as food to cover the expense.

When an adult needs adult diaper briefs, and tries to use fewer than they actually need in order to save money there are some consequences. The first is compromised skin health and other health complications. Another is discomfort. And one of the worst is this can lead to isolation. The fear of leaking or not having the needed protection will keep them from going out, living a normal life, and socializing with friends. This can lead to depression and decreased health.

When a senior, particularly one on a fixed income or living on social security, finds they do not have room for their incontinence products in the budget, they often take things that are considered a “must have” (Food, medicine, etc.) into a “wish list” type of situation. This can lead to decrease health, malnutrition, and serious problems for seniors.

We will all grow old and face some of the conditions and maladies that come with aging. We should be taking care of our senior population, and a diaper bank for adult diaper briefs is one way we can help lighten the load and provide protection.

You can help in a couple of ways:

1. Donations: Most diaper banks partner with other social service organizations like United Way, food banks, and churches or religious organizations that offer aid. By donating money or products you can help where there is a huge need. The banks will get the diapers to the organizations, who will distribute them where they are needed.

2. Start a diaper bank. It is a relatively new concept to have adult diaper briefs in a diaper bank. For years there have been diaper banks offering baby diapers, but the need is there for adult diapers as well. If your local area does not have a bank, consider starting one, or convincing an established organization to start one.

3. Host an adult diaper drive. Put together a service project adult diaper drive, and collect adult diapers that can be donated to a diaper bank!

Diaper banks are in place to help, and if a need for adult diapers is shown, many diaper banks will expand their services to offer this if not offering it already. Seniors, disabled, and other adults who need absorbent products should not have to live without other things in order to get protection. 

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