Mesothelioma and Caregiving

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Becoming a caregiver to a mesothelioma patient is a selfless act, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. 

Medical advances have led to an increased median survival time for some classes of mesothelioma patients. With patients living longer, the need for empowered caregivers has never been more important.

Mesothelioma caregivers often provide around-the-clock physical and emotional support for their patient while still finding time for their own needs and the needs of other family members. Above all, a caregiver must be flexible, able to respond to the patient’s changing symptoms and needs. Since much of what you do as a caregiver is learned on the fly, having access to quality mesothelioma information is of critical importance. is dedicated to providing caregivers, patients, and families with the most comprehensive, up-to-date mesothelioma information.

MesotheliomaHelp counts among its contributors medical professionals, authors, journalists, mesothelioma patients and caregivers. Some of the topics you’ll find on the site include:

Caregiver stories

Where to find mesothelioma specialists

Treatment options

Answers to frequently asked questions

Mesothelioma news and updates

Legal Help

There are about 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma diagnosed each year in the U.S. That means not only 3,000 new patients, but also thousands of new caregivers, many of whom are thrust unexpectedly into the role.

As a caregiver, you wear many hats: nurse, household manager, financial planner, cook, housekeeper, legal assistant…the list goes on and on. With the amount of support you’re expected to give, you could use a little support yourself.

Research shows caregivers often neglect their own needs. The more you take care of yourself, however, the better you’ll be able to take care of the mesothelioma patient you have so generously agreed to help. In addition to the support you receive from family, friends, and medical staff, we hope you’ll find strength in knowledge through the resources available at, America’s Mesothelioma Resource.

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