Fannypants: So Women with LBL Can Feel Like Women

Can you trust your panty? 
With over 13 million US adults suffering from incontinence, and over half of those women, the market was ready for a product that could meet the needs of the vibrant and lightly incontinent.

Incontinence comes in many forms including stress, urge, overflow, functional, mixed, anatomic, and in some cases temporary incontinence. Regardless of the reason, or the cause, women facing involuntary urine loss need solutions, and one such solution is Fannypants.

Fannypants Smartwear was designed to be stylish and contemporary while offering full coverage, and benefits such as dignity, normalcy, and confidence to those with light bladder leakage. Fannypants is an active wear garment for all women, young and old.

What sets them apart? Fanny Pants uses cutting-edge technology to provide protection for women of all ages and stages with light bladder leakage, in a stylish, flattering, and comfortable panty.  

Developer and CEO Sophia Parker saw the need for both function and fashion in light bladder leakage protection. So she set out to meet that need. She recognized that women do not want to wear a generic absorbent product, adult diaper, or a bulky pad for light incontinence; rather there was a need for something designed specifically for women, to meet their unique concerns and fit their bodies comfortably and fashionably.

Leaking and moisture rank amongst the top concerns for women, and after surveying women, Sophia found most women desired better protection with their underwear. Hence the smartwearPanty, or Fannypants. These underwear are designed for light bladder leakage by offering a waterproof gusset with pockets to hold a super absorbent smartwearPad.  This pad fits discreetly into the underwear, offering comfort and protection in a reusable format.

The unique features of Fannypants offers benefits, which allow women to enjoy day-to-day activities, travel, work and exercise with the freedom, ease, and confidence in their protection. No more running to a bathroom after a sneeze, or avoiding the gym because of leaks.

The smartwear products are designed to promote wellness for women, and promote normalcy, dignity, and confidence. With the Fannypanty, women can feel like women. They can feel  vibrant, not hampered by their involuntary urine leakage. They offer the peace of mind that even in those inopportune moments you are covered.

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