Getting Healthy Skin With a Skin Care Regimen

Consider a skin care regimen for healthy skin. 

In incontinent individuals, absorption, fit, and other factors dealing with catching leaks is important, but so is skin care. When the skin is not properly cared for, it can become compromised. Skin breakdown, irritation, rashes, ulcers, pressure sores, and more can occur, leading to significant discomfort, infection, and can even lead to amputation of limbs. 

Healthy skin is not something that should be ignored, especially if you are incontinent, or a caregiver for someone who is incontinent. Here are a few reasons you should consider a skin care regiment:

1. Elderly individuals do not produce as much sebum, the body’s lipid based natural defense against water, and this means skin can thin, and become irritated more easily if a substitute product is not used.

2. When urinary urea decomposes on the skin it forms ammonium hydroxide, which raises the skin pH from the normal 5.4 to 5.9 range to much higher, and promotes the growth of bacteria. This can lead to infection, sores, irritation, and continued skin breakdown.

3. Fecal matter contains enzymes and bacteria that degrade the skin barrier function, and can lead to sores, irritation, the thinning of skin, and further skin breakdown.

4. Once skin is compromised, bacterial and fungal growth increases dramatically, and causes even more significant levels of irritation and breakdown.

5. When skin is exposed to excessive moisture (such as in those with urinary incontinence), it causes a reduction in skin hardness and temperature. This means higher risk for pressure sores, and other skin problems.

6. Frequent washing and drying with soap and water can cause drying and frictional damage to the skin.

With these things in mind, how can you get healthy skin with a skin care regimen? With the right products and the right tactics. Lantiseptic provides a line of skin care products designed to make the daily regimen easier and better. No matter what products you choose to use, a healthy skin care regimen should be composed of three things:

1. Clean the skin. Because urine can cause the pH of the skin to increase, look for a cleanser that can help balance pH, such as Lantiseptic No-Rinse Cleansing Foam.

2. Moisturize the skin daily. This will help maintain moisture and balance so dryness, cracking and chaffing do not occur, and it will help to clear reddened skin. Try Lantiseptic Dry Skin Therapy.

3. Protect the skin. There are a lot of risk factors for compromising the integrity of the skin, especially in seniors who suffer incontinence. Using an ointment that acts as a moisture barrier and creates a superior environment for healing will help return the skin to a healthy state. 

Watch this video: Maintaining Healthy Skin Among the Elderly Who Are Incontinent

The Caregiver Partnership wants to help make skin care for those with incontinence easy, and so they provide this no hassle Incontinence Product Finder, which simplifies sorting through the wide variety of options in order to help you find exactly what you need. 

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