New! Elder Rage - A Must Read for Caregivers

Elder Rage is a Book-on-the-Month Club selection (a first for a book on caregiving) and is a riveting, often LOL humorous non-fiction novel chronicling Jacqueline Marcell's trials, tribulations, and eventual success at managing the care of her aging parents. Also an extensive self-help book, Elder Rage offers solutions for effective management medically, behaviorally, socially, legally, financially, and emotionally of challenging elders who resist care.

Includes answers to difficult "how to" questions such as how to get obstinate elders to: 
  • Accept cleaning and caregiving help
  • See a different doctor
  • Give up driving
  • Attend adult day care
  • Eat 
  • Take medications
  • Sleep and bathe properly
  • Move to a new residence.
Elder Rage also has an extensive Q&A section, valuable resources and recommended reading. The addendum by renowned neurologist/dementia specialist, Rodman Shankle, MS MD: A Physician's Guide to Treating Dementia, helped make Elder Rage required reading at numerous universities for courses in geriatric assessment and management. It is also considered for a film.

Elder Rage is endorsed by: Hugh Downs, Regis Philbin, Ed Asner, Jacqueline Bisset, John Bradshaw, Phyllis Diller, Duke University Center for Aging, Ken Dychtwald, Dr. Dean Edell, Leeza Gibbons, Dr. John Gray, Mark Victor Hansen, Julie Harris, Institute for Successful Aging, Johns Hopkins Memory Clinic, John D. Rockefeller IV, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Dr. Rudy Tanzi/Harvard Medical School, and the National Adult Day Services Association. Endorsements and Reviews:

It has 300+ 5-star reviews on Amazon already - check it out here.


Mike said...

I would like to note that this book is available from Amazon for as little as .01 plus S&H.

I have an aging (88) mother and I desperately need some guidance.

Thanks :)

CareGiver Partnership said...

Dear Mike,

Thank you for letting us all know about the deal on Amazon. I always wonder how they can sell a new book for a penny... but... as the saying goes... we'll take it. Its a very helpful book.

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