How To Help a Loved One Who Doesn't Want Help

Helping a loved one who resists help can be upsetting and difficult.
Dignity and independence. These are two of the strongest emotions and drivers among all of us and take on even more importance as we age. Looking after parents or other elderly people can be upsetting and difficult, especially if they resist help. As long as they're still considered in sound mind, it can seem as though there's nothing you can do other than watch. Don't worry – that's not the case. Though you are limited, there are ways that you can help them even. Here are some common problems and some ways to help.

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New Seni Lady Bladder Control pads...Poised for Success...Always

1 in 3 women report experiencing light bladder leakage. 
A new choice in bladder control… imported from Europe

If you are experiencing light bladder leakage (LBL) you may feel embarrassed and isolated. Many women wonder how this could happen to them. They are worried they will have to use an adult diaper to deal with their incontinence.

1 in 3 like me

It is important to know light bladder leakage is extremely common and 1 in 3 women report experiencing it. The causes for this can vary. The physical stress of pregnancy and childbirth along with the hormonal changes which happen at menopause can bring on light bladder leakage as well as other assorted causes. The good news is if you are experiencing this issue is that you know you are not alone. There are many quality incontinence supplies which can help you manage your symptoms. Most of these aren’t available in the stores due to lack of shelf space.

5 Tips for a Healthy Heart

5 Tips for a healthy heaert
by Dianna Malkowski, Physician Assistant & Registered Dietitian

Heart health is integral to quality of life at any age, and it’s an important cause for us here at The CareGiver Partnership. People of all ages and levels of mobility can take steps toward better heart health. Let’s get started with some basics:

1. Eat a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and healthy oils found in fish and nuts. A good rule of thumb is to buy fresh, whole foods whenever possible. However, frozen foods are an acceptable alternative to fresh produce and a practical choice for seniors who can’t shop frequently. Instead of unhealthy fats, sugars and salt, add flavor with herbs, spices, salt-free blends and lemon juice.

Prevail Super Plus Absorbency Pull-On Underwear

Prevail is the #1 brand used in the United States. 
You can Prevail

When my Mom was first diagnosed with incontinence, I was overwhelmed by the number of choices when it came to choosing incontinence supplies. There seemed to be so many incontinence products and I felt very unsure as to how to choose what was right for her needs. She was experiencing heavy incontinence and needed an incontinence product which would work for an extended length of time and even be effective at night. It wasn’t until I spoke with the ladies at The Caregiver Partnership I found out Prevail Super Plus Absorbent Pull-On underwear could be the right choice for my Mom’s incontinence management needs.

What is Prevail? I’ve never heard of it.

Prevail is manufactured in the U.S. by First Quality. They manufacture and sell more incontinence products that even Depend. I know, that’s had to believe because you have probably never heard of it. That’s because Prevail is a professional brand used in many long term care facilities across the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. Prevail doesn’t have a big ad budget like Depend or Poise and that is how they are able to keep their prices down, while offering the same or better quality.

Depend Underwear for Men Maximum Absorbency

One of the most popular incontinence supplies
 made specifically for men.
It’s Not Just a Women's Issue

When many people think of incontinence they assume this is only an issue for women. While women do make up the majority of people experiencing incontinence there is still a sizeable percentage of men who must deal with this issue as well. This is often a difficult situation for many men to face as the onset of incontinence symptoms often results from prostate surgery or other illnesses. Many men assume they will be forced to use an incontinence product which is made for women. However, the good news is the makers of incontinence supplies understand men and women have very different needs when it comes to incontinence products. To meet these needs there are now incontinence supplies made specifically for men. One of the most popular is the Depend Underwear for Men Maximum Absorbency.

The makers of Depend understand men are looking for normalcy and dignity when it comes to an incontinence product. This is what makes Depend the #1 seller. At The CareGiver Partnership you can use 4 coupons per case of Depend Underwear for Men - one for each package in a case. That means with four $3.00 coupons would save you $12.00 on your next case of Depend. There are other reasons as to why Depend Underwear for Men Maximum Absorbency could work for your incontinence management needs or for the man in your life experiencing incontinence. Three of these pragmatic reasons are:

New Seni Incontinence Shaped Pads...for Day and Night Use

Seni shaped day pads could be the answer
to your incontinence management needs.
Looking for a little bladder control help

When I first began experiencing incontinence it was just some light urinary leakage when I was exercising or coughed or sneezed. At first I used period pads to try and keep me dry but they just weren’t doing enough. As time went on I realized I needed to find something I could wear comfortably and would let me continue on with my active lifestyle, but I just couldn’t seem to find the right incontinence product for my light bladder leakage. While there were plenty of choices when it came to adult diapers or pull-on underwear I wanted something which would offer me the protection I needed without using a full incontinence undergarment. .

I felt overwhelmed with all the styles, sizes and absorbencies and wondered where I could find the incontinence supplies I needed. I wasn’t willing to settle for cutting back on the things I wanted to do simply because I couldn’t find the right incontinence products for my needs. None of the leading brands I tried worked. That’s when I called and talked with the nice ladies at

The CareGiver Partnership. They know incontinence products inside and out and will take as much time as needed to help explain things.