Monitoring and Alert Systems for Seniors

Senior monitoring and alert systems
 are used in a variety of different settings.
Studies show one of the most pressing concerns for seniors is whether they will be able to stay in their own homes as they grow older. Most people want to be able to age in place and not have their independence affected. While this is possible for most people as they age, often times they may need some additional monitoring so caregivers and concerned family members can know they are safe. These concerns can range from falls in the home to having a loved one wander off and not know where they are. The good news is there is a variety of different monitoring systems which can help to make sure your loved one can still be at home but also receive help if they need it.

The Right Tools Can Help Ease Elderly Travel

 The right tools make travel more enjoyable.

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

As nicer weather turns thoughts to travel and recreation, even senior family members can join in the fun with confidence.  

HELPFUEL INC. Starts a Family Caregiver Revolution

Be the best family caregiver we can be. 
We are here to raise awareness of what the family caregiver faces.

We are here to change the system so family caregivers can sustain themselves.

We are here to connect family caregivers and help them mobilize as a group to become empowered, educated and enlightened.

We are here to start a movement, to sound a thunderous call to be heard and to take the mystery out of a family caregiving. YOU will probably end up caring for a loved one in your adult life. We are here to shine the light on resources and encourage everyone to share their stories.

They're Back? Is P&G Reentering the Incontinence Category?

P&G getting back into incontinence?
What's in the box?  No one seems to know, except perhaps some of the big box stores. 

It is strongly rumored that Proctor & Gamble will re-enter the disposable incontinence category, a category they helped create in 1978 along with Kimberly-Clark (Depend and Poise).  Their brand was Attends.

P&G threw in the towel around 1996 after a failed attempt to relaunch the Attends brand.  The amount they invested in  marketing during the relaunch year was actually more than their sales.  After that, they sold the brand.  Domtar, the current owner has been able to keep the business going, albeit as a price brand with no real marketing support.

10,000 Boomers Turn 65 Everyday.  For The Next 20 Years.
P&G can't ignore the incontinence category any longer.  They know how to make products that absorb (Pampers, Always) and they have a very strong (global) sales and marketing team.  What other category can they enter with such strong growth metrics that leverages their core strengths?

Most who are in the incontinence business ask:  "What's taken them so long?"

The big dilemma for the current manufacturers is that P&G usually doesn't introduce me-too products and they aren't going to settle for a small share.  Assuming the rumors are true and they begin shipping this summer or early fall with a full line of 18 items (pads and pull on underwear in different pack counts), I expect they will target at least 25% of the market.  They will gain this share with a uniquely positioned brand and bombardment level awareness and trial generating advertising and promotion.  Consumers plainly aren't satisfied with today's products and will be willing to try something new.

The result?  Its impossible to know if P&G will be able to achieve 25% of the market after year 1.  However, if they do, Depend and Poise will lose 10 to 15 share points and SCA's TENA and Serenity brands will be all but extinguished in North America as retailers use the TENA and Serenity shelf space for P&G's new brand.  Private label and store brands may lose some share temporarily, but P&G's line up will likely be premium priced and not attract those who primarily purchase on price.  Further, over the past quarter century, the share of private label just hasn't changed much in either good and bad economic times.  It always seem return to dead center at about 20%.

Good News
For our customers, this will be good news.  There will be more choice, more competition and more incentives and lower prices, at least initially.

Embracing the Privilege of Giving Back

The one book on Alzheimer's/Dementia
that no one else could write!
Guest post by Elaine C. Pereira, MA OTR/L, CDP, CDC. 

Writing a book was never on my post retirement to-do list. In fact I had explored volunteering for the Humane Society, which in retrospect probably wasn’t a good idea. I’m such a softie for mewing kittens and wide-eyed hopeful dogs with helicopter wagging tails I would have wanted to take all of them home with me. Three is enough, we already have two big dogs and a cat and the shedding is endless.

My mother’s is a story that needed to be told and, as a tribute not only to her but also to everyone with a remarkable story, I did! She was a kind, brilliant and talented woman all of my life until Dementia took hold distorting her persona and leaving an agitated, bewildered and compromised person in its wake.

The same woman who earned a BS in chemistry in 1945 post WWII, went on for her Master’s in Education and taught high school math for years, literally couldn’t add 2+2 in the end. She was a great mom not unlike all great moms except that she was mine.

Blindsided. Help for 15 Million Boomers.

Order your pre-production free copy of the book now...
for a very limited time! 
In addition to the pending dementia epidemic, it is estimated that 15 million baby boomers will become visually impaired over the next several years. To answer that need and help the millions of unpaid family caregivers throughout the United States, R.O.S. Therapy Systems is pleased to introduce the next book in their Activities 101 for the Family Caregiver book series:

I've Got Sam in My Pants

Two women talking about wanting to have Sam in their pants
Watch the video

This is a TV spot for new Poise micro liners.  Watch the video and/or read the copy below:

I love Sam.

Sam knows how to take care of a woman

Sam is also very small okay but

Sam can last for hours

I have Sam in my pants right now

Sam, its super absorbent material from Poise

For those little leaks

It’s crazy thin and look

I wish I had Sam in my pants

New Poise micro liners. Get a free sample and poise dot com.

Some might think this spot is funny, cute or clever.  Others have found it offensive and called us on it because it ran while their young children were in the room.  I'm sure it will be pretty polarizing.

What it isn't... is what its supposed to be - good advertising that sells products because it resonates with a consumer insight. 

First of all, there is no USP or unique selling proposition.  Every incontinence product has super absorbent material (SAM) inside.  The Poise people aren't even talking about a better SAM - one that absorbs more, works harder or lasts longer.  At least this would provide a competitive reason why or point of difference -- what CenterBrain Partners, Inc. refers to as the 'Truth' or reason to believe in all good communication.

This type of advertising is what CenterBrain refers to an 'ingredient story' advertising.  Its lazy advertising because it isn't based on a key consumer insight -- what they refer to as the "That's Me" factor.  For example, the consumer benefit is feeling fresh.  The most effective way to communicate that is 'Just Showered Freshness".  Visually "Just Showered Freshness" can be executed many different ways

Learn more here about the Positioning 3 T's

As David Ogilvy, the famous ad man once said, there are no low interest brands... only low interest ad agencies.  He also said to never write an advertisement which you wouldn't' want your family to read (or see).

What is your reaction?  Do you like this?  Do you think it is advertising which convinces you to buy?