Urinary Incontinence in Women: You May Never Need to Wear Bladder Control Pads Again

Effectively manage your urinary incontinence. 
New Products Prevent Rather Than Absorb Leakage

There are a number of new products on the market, being tested in small cities or in clinical studies. These products aim to prevent rather than absorb leakage. Read about the future...

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Apex - stops bladder leakage

Pelviva Pelpon - exerciser for the bladder floor to help stop bladder leaks

Solace bladder control system clinical study - no more pads needed

Feeling overwhelmed and alone

When Marsha first began experiencing urinary incontinence she was shocked and embarrassed. Her symptoms seem to appear almost overnight and she wasn’t sure what she should do about them. A million questions ran through her mind. Could she keep working? Would she be able to remain active and take part in activities she liked? Would she have to change the clothes she wore? These questions and so many more kept Marsha feeling isolated and alone. However, when she ran across an article about managing urinary incontinence she began to see this was something she could deal with and still live her life to the fullest.

Top 10 Ways Seniors Can Stay Sharp

The R.O.S. Legacy Bundle is a multi-functional
modular activity set.
Need ideas for elderly games that combine fun and function? Here’s a great place to start!

As important as it is for people of all ages to keep learning and exercising their brains, it’s crucial for seniors who want to stay sharp, says Lynn Wilson, founder of The CareGiver Partnership, a national online retailer of incontinence products and other home health care supplies.

“From a modular activity set designed to stimulate memory and coordination, to fun family games anyone can play anywhere, there are endless ways to stay mentally active,” says Wilson. “Try one of more activities from this list or use the ideas to inspire your own games.”

95% of Nursing Home Residents Are Being Neglected

Don't let your senior loved one be a statistic. 
Neglect & Abuse

Statistics show 95% of nursing home residents report either senior neglect or abuse. This statistics is both overwhelming and frightening for those family members who cannot care for an elderly loved one and must turn to a long term care facility for help. Family members worry if they can’t be there daily to check on their loved one then the worst might happen. This fear often keeps families from making a needed decision which provides their loved one with the care they truly need. However, today there is no reason for this fear. Senior care auditing can provide a way for you to know if your loved is being taken care and is receiving the services which you paid for.

Penrose Senior Care AuditorsⓇ are a pioneer in this area of senior care. They will make sure your loved one is being taken care and the facility they are living in has the right equipment and staff to provide this care. Penrose Senior Care Auditors have created the auditors, audit and process which will allow you to have the peace of mind you need. By using a Penrose Senior Care Auditors, you can make sure your elderly loved one is being taken care of in the way you want. There are several reasons why you should consider using Penrose Senior Care Auditors. Here are 3 of them-

Adult Incontinence Pads and Boosters

Incontinence isn't just an elderly issue.
When You Need A Little Help

Sarah was shocked when she began having some light urine leakage shortly after her 50th birthday. Previously she hadn’t noticed any sort of incontinence happening but now she found she was having to change her undergarments 2-3 times a day, sometimes more in order to stay dry. While her leakage was annoying it was only minor so Sarah didn’t feel she needed to go to using a full incontinence undergarment. After doing some research she found out about urinary incontinence products included incontinence pads which she could use to stay dry. These incontinence pads fit securely and quickly wicked away moisture so both Sarah and her clothes stayed dry and comfortable.

When people think about incontinence they assume those who must deal with this issue are elderly, ill and even bedridden. The reality is individuals like Sarah find they must deal with light incontinence while still maintaining a job, social life and other activities. Many women like Sarah find years after pregnancy and childbirth, coupled with the hormonal changes that menopause can bring mean they can have incontinence issues which need to be managed. Using an incontinence pad can be an effective way to do just that. Here is what you need to know about adult incontinence pads and boosters. 

Why Do Sales of Depend Incontinence Products Keep Growing?

Depend offers a full line of quality incontinence products.
Trust, confidence and continual innovation

10,000 boomers turn 65 years old everyday and this will continue for the next 20 years! Because of the incidence of incontinence as we age this will continue to drive the demand for incontinence products.

Kimberly-Clark, makers of Depend incontinence supplies, are always looking to improve the quality and reliability of their incontinence products. In addition, they understand the need for incontinence supplies goes beyond incontinence undergarments. They recently introduced seat and bed protectors. This allows consumers to purchase a wide range of incontinence products to meet all their individual needs.

Device to Stop Bladder Leakage, Eliminating the Need for Women to Wear Pads

The product is inserted in the vagina to help train the pelvic floor
Apex Device to stop bladder leakage received FDA Clearance for sale over-the-counter, without a prescription–eliminating the need for women to buy pads.

The Apex Device strengthens the pelvic floor and decreases the involuntary loss of urine when laughing, coughing,sneezing or exercising for the millions of women living with Stress Urinary Incontinence

44% of Nursing Home Residents Have Been Abused

Penrose Senior Care Auditors is the solution to your worry.
56% is not good enough!

One of the main fears family members have when they are considering a nursing home for a loved one is whether or not they will receive quality of care. Statistics are grim when it comes to senior neglect and senior abuse. Studies show that up to 44% of nursing home residents report being abused. This only serves to spark families fears when a nursing home becomes the only option for their family member. The reality of 2 income families and large geographical distances between family members often leaves families frustrated and overwhelmed when considering a nursing home. They worry if they can’t be there daily then their family members won’t receive the care they need and deserve.