The Most Absorbent Urinary Incontinence Products: 2014 Update

Styles of incontinence products explained. 
Incontinence impacts millions of Americans in varying degrees. From light incontinence such as LBL to more severe cases, or even total incontinence, there are absorbent products available to meet every need. The trick is figuring out which is which, and knowing what best suits your body type, size, and absorbency needs. 

Because there are tons of brands, sizes, and styles, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Which is why we are providing you with a 2014 update on the most absorbent urinary incontinence products available right now, as well as some tools to help you find, try, and buy the best products for your needs:

Diabetes, Obesity, and Celiac...Oh my! How your Health Impacts ABL

Type 2 diabetes and obesity can increase the risk factor for ABL.
Do you have accidental bowel leakage? Do you feel anxious about social situations because you never know if you are going to leak? Accidental bowel leakage or ABL impact millions of Americans but is often untalked about.

In fact, for many of those with ABL, treatment of diseases or conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and celiac can help to reduce or eliminate ABL symptoms.

People with diabetes, celiac, and other health concerns commonly experience problems with controlling their bladder and bowel. This can interfere with work, social life, and personal and sexual relationships.

5 Things Caregivers Can Do For Increased Peace of Mind

Choosing the right incontinence products is one way
caregivers can improve their own peace of mind. 
If you are a caregiver to someone with incontinence, limited mobility, or any of the myriad of other conditions that often face seniors, consider the following five tips for increasing comfort, health, and safety for your loved one while also improving your own peace of mind.

Is Your Care Facility Mismanaging Your Loved Ones Product Needs?

Your care facility may be mismanaging your loved one's product needs.
Are you seeing inconsistency in product usage from month to month? Are your absorbent product costs higher than you expect? Are you unsure of how products are managed, tracked, and accounted for? Your care facility may be mismanaging your loved one’s product needs.

There are warning signs you can look for:

Care Facilities Mismanage Products, and What You Can Do About It

Warning signs to look for that the care facility is
mismanaging absorbent product uses.
Do you have a loved one in a care facility? Is that loved one incontinent? You are not alone, in fact the CMS stated recently that over half of the population of care facilities experience some degree of incontinence.

This means that there are lots of absorbent products used, and a lot of potential for mismanagement. Because care facilities spend nearly 8 billion dollars a year on disposable incontinence products, taking steps to insure your loved one’s products are not mismanaged can help you, and other residents save big.

3 Steps to Reduce Worry and Stress Over Senior Loved Ones

Eliminate stress and worry and improve care for your loved one.
Caregivers often find themselves stressed and worried about their senior loved ones. Even when they provide great care, it can be hard to be there all the time, to catch all the little things, and to recognize red flags for what they are. 

Fortunately, caregivers are not alone, there are many tools, resources, and services available that can help to eliminate stress and worry and improve care for the seniors.

The follow are 7 steps caregivers can take to reduce worry and stress while improving quality of life and care for their loved ones:

The CareGiver Partnership Poised to Carry New-to-Market ‘Always Discreet’ Incontinence Line

New Always Discreet is coming soon!

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

The CareGiver Partnership is carrying the new Discreet line by Always. Always Discreet for women signifies Procter & Gamble’s re-entry into the disposable incontinence category.