About Us

Many great ideas are born following a statement such as, “There has to be a better way.” And so began The CareGiver Partnership.

When Lynn Wilson and her family were caring for her elderly father six years ago, they became frustrated with the difficulty finding information they needed in their new caregiving roll.  Time is always an issue for caregivers.  They were surprised at how much time was eaten up by trips to the store to pick up products and supplies, only to find they’d either purchased the wrong thing or that a product didn’t work as they’d expected. They soon learned it was difficult, sometimes even impossible, to find knowledgeable customer service help to answer questions about products. General support and caregiver resources were even harder to come by.

Tom Wilson
This frustration, along with Lynn’s personal caregiving experience and professional customer service experience, formed the foundation for The CareGiver Partnership. Lynn had a natural partner in her husband Tom, the former President of Kimberly-Clark’s Global Adult and Feminine Care businesses (including the Depend®, Poise® and Kotex® brands). Converging with Lynn’s experience, Tom’s marketing expertise helped them identify a key market and need. With the growing Baby Boomer population, someone turns 50 every 11 seconds. Lynn and Tom saw an opportunity to better serve boomer caregivers and their elderly parents, who are seeking convenience and service, and increasingly rely on the internet to research and purchase products.

In 2004, Lynn and Tom co-founded The CareGiver Partnership. Since then, the company has served well over 10,000 caregivers and their loved ones coast to coast. At the same time, they’ve increased their product selection to more than 2,600 products.
1950s Style Customer Service

After more than 10 years in customer service at Dayton’s, Marshall Field’s and Macy’s, Lynn recognized the need to provide a whole new level of service which she coined Personalized AttentionSM. When it comes to service, Lynn realized that many caregivers and their loved ones - who were often dealing with emotional and frustrating situations - were furious when they were forced to deal with automated menus and waiting on hold. She addressed this concern by dismantling the fancy phone system in The CareGiver Partnership’s Neenah, Wisconsin-based help center.

She and Tom assembled a team of highly trained Product Specialists who answer calls by the third ring to personally assist each individual customer. The fact that all Product Specialists have been caregivers themselves makes them empathetic to the issues their customers are dealing with. Their in-depth product training helps them provide reliable advice simply not available elsewhere.
Evelyn, Cammy, Lynn (Founder), Diane, Mary and Deb

Though there have been many benefits to the technological advances of the last 10-15 years, improved customer service certainly isn’t one of them. Although The CareGiver Partnership prides itself on having one of the most caregiver-friendly websites in the business, knowing that there is a real person on the other end of the phone provides invaluable reassurance to its customers and caregivers. In addition, The CareGiver Partnership offers complimentary consultation with their Physician Assistant to help answer their customers' medical questions.

The CareGiver Partnership delivers 85% of orders within two work days. Some orders arrive in one day and it rarely takes more than five work days for a customer to receive a product. Items ship from a network of 43 warehouses located close to caregivers’ and their loved ones’ homes or living facilities.

The CareGiver Partnership’s service is continually tracked by a third party marketing research organization to identify areas of improvement. The company’s guiding principle is “We’re pleased, but never satisfied.”