Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency

A highly effective incontinence product
that is 41%-61% less than Depend.
A great value for the money

When Susan first realized she needed to start using incontinence supplies she was worried about being able to afford them. A trip to her local grocery store showed her there were few choices at an affordable price. With a fixed income she was unsure as to how to best spend her money on the incontinence products that would specifically help her manage her incontinence. It wasn’t until she called the ladies at The Caregiver Partnership she found out about Attends line of incontinence products and the great value it has.

Whats the best product for me or my loved one?

It can be overwhelming to try and determine exactly what incontinence supplies you or the loved one in your care may need. There are more choices than ever before and they’re changing all the time. This creates more confusion. The Caregiver Partnership understands this and have created an easy to use style guide which explains all the style options that can help you determine what incontinence products are right for you or you can call and speak with one of their knowledgeable ladies.

Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency

The Attends line offers a wide range of incontinence products. Attends was developed and introduced by P&G about the same time as Depend. It was subsequently sold to another company which was purchased by Domtar, a company that makes absorbent pulp.

One of the most popular is the Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency. This professional grade incontinence product is highly effective and is costs 41% to 64% less than Depend[1]. Many consumers report once they begin using this product they are unwilling to use anything else. While the value of Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency is a great reason to use this incontinence product there are other reasons as well. Here are pragmatic reasons you should consider using them.

  • Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency can be worn under regular clothing. When people think about the issue of incontinence they assume this is only something someone who is older, ill and possibly even bedridden has to deal with. You may be surprised to learn a majority of people who are experiencing incontinence are active, working, and on the go. This means they need an incontinence product which fits their lifestyle. Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency can be worn under your everyday clothing and provides moderate to heavy absorbency which means you won’t have to let your incontinence symptoms slow you down.
  • Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency not only protects against leakage but helps to keep skin dry and healthy. It isn’t enough for incontinence supplies to keep the wearer dry. All incontinence products needs to protect delicate skin from the effects of incontinence but not all do. The makers of Attends understand this and have designed their incontinence undergarments with super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers, so it will be breathable in order to promote drier, healthier skin. This also helps to lock in wetness and odors so the wearer can be assured of discretion while wearing Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency.
  • Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency are easy to change meaning you can be discreet in managing your incontinence. This incontinence product is made with cloth like fabric so there is no tell tale rustling noise as you walk. In addition, to pulling on and off just like regular underwear, it has tear-away sides for an easy removal option. This makes changing this incontinence product easy whether you are at home, office or even traveling. 
  • More sizes for a better fit. Attends extra is offered in 3 sizes. Depend is only offered in 2. A better fit means better protection and lower cost in use as you aren’t forced to purchase a larger, more expensive size. 

  • Better value. This professional grade incontinence product is highly effective and costs 41% to 64% less than Depend1. 
Get real help from real people.

Since 2004, The Caregiver Partnership has been helping people just like you. Unlike the big box stores which usually only offer 3 brands of incontinence products, The CareGiver Partnership shops the world over to find the best incontinence products - those used by consumers and professionals alike. We offer over 733 choices. Ten times more brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies than even the big box stores. And, we have knowledgeable Product Specialists you can speak with when you call 1-800-985-1353.

However, even when you have an idea of what incontinence products you are looking for it can still be overwhelming. That’s why the free & easy Incontinence Product Finder was developed. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - fast. The video below explains how it works.

Watch this video about The Incontinence Product Finder

Consumers wasting $130 buying incontinence products

Did you know those buying incontinence products for the first time waste $130 on average in trial and error mode trying to figure out what will work best for them. This is research from the makers of Depend and Poise. The CareGiver Partnership recognizes this and that’s why they provide online tools to help you select the best choice. They also have a team of Product Specialist who are expert on all the products offered and can send you samples ($3.49 each) to try before you buy. Questions? Call them at 1-800-985-1353.

Watch this video to learn more about Try Before You Buy

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[1] Comparison at The CareGiver Partnership. Comparing Depend for Women maximum absorbency in large size and Depend Silhouettes in large size to Attends large size extra absorbency. Trademarks are owned by the respective companies.


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