It All Starts With a Fall- Get a FREE 19 Page Fall Prevention Guide

Elderly falling is a serious health concern which needs
to be addressed before a senior takes a fall. 
It All Starts With a Fall

When my phone rang at 6am on a Saturday morning I instinctively knew it wouldn’t be good news. It was my sister Sue explaining she had gone to check on my Mom and found she had fallen sometime during the night. Because Mom only had my sister checking on her we were unsure as to how long she had lain there on the floor in her apartment. Mom was transferred to the hospital for treatment and then had to finish her rehab at a nursing home. But after the fall she really wasn’t the same. The injuries she sustained slowed her down and made her fearful to be alone, while my sister and I were wracked with guilt about what we could have done to prevent this!

Falls Account for 25% of Hospital Admissions and...

● 40% of all nursing home admissions

● 40% of those admitted do not return to independent living

● 25% die within a year.

Elderly falling is a serious health concern which needs to be addressed before a senior takes a fall. To help with this The Caregiver Partnership has created a 19 page full color Fall Prevention Guide which can be downloaded for free. This free guide is full of the latest tips and information which will help caregivers and seniors identify and minimize the risk factors that affect health and longevity. In addition, there are fall prevention products which can help to prevent elderly falling. Below are 3 different categories of these products offered by Stander.

  • Protection from falls when getting out of bed. One of the most common places seniors fall is when they are getting out of bed. This often occurs at night since many seniors need to get up to use the bathroom. Sleepiness and any instability can lead to a serious fall. There are several fall prevention products which can help the senior in your life feel more secure when rising. These include: bed rails which can be adjusted to the height of the bed. Some come with pouches that allow the senior to store not only reading materials but a night light which illuminates the room to allow for easier and safer rising. Bed rails come in various sizes from an adjustable stand for the more mobile senior to a full size bed rail for the elderly who may be bedridden. 
  • Protection from falls when moving about. Unfortunately, the home can provide many different fall risks for even the most mobile senior. There are fall prevention products which can help to minimize this risk. Both crutches and walkers which will allow seniors with limited mobility to move about freer and safer within their homes. These fall prevention items are made specifically to give additional balance and stability for any senior as they move about their home. 
  • Protection from falls during daily living. Most people assume only the most frail and ill seniors will fall. Unfortunately, no senior is free from the risk of falling. This makes it crucial fall prevention items are used throughout the home to prevent serious elderly falling. Many times falls occur in the bathroom due to the increased exposure to water and flooring materials which remain slick.  Stander offers a variety of poles which extend floor to ceiling for safety and mobility in the bathroom or anywhere else in the home. Cars can also pose a risk for falling. To prevent this there are car caddies, handles and swivel seats which can be attached to make a senior’s car (or any car they are getting into much safer and reduce the risk of falls). 
  • Another helpful tool - A home medical alert device provides real ‘peace of mind’ for the elderly and their adult children. 
Someone you can speak with...

It can be overwhelming when you are trying to determine exactly what fall prevention products the senior in your life needs. If you have questions you can call 800-985-1353 & speak with one of our knowledgeable female product specialists, who are or have been caregivers. They understand the concerns of the caregiver and the needs of the elderly loved one in your life.

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