How To Make Sure Caregivers Are Providing Your Loved One the Dignified Care They Deserve

The CareGiver Partnership recommends Penrose Senior Care Auditing
Studies show one of the main issues for caregivers who are providing care for an elderly loved one is the feeling of being alone. Caregiving in whatever form can be an isolating experience. However, you may be surprised to learn nearly 29% of the U.S. population report spending an average of 20 hours per week caring for a loved one. This means if you are a caregiver for a senior you are certainly not alone!

Caregiving for seniors has changed dramatically within the last 50 years. It used to be families were able to take an elderly loved one into their home to provide care. But the reality of two income families and large geographical distances between family members, means this is not always possible. Often times many family members must turn to assisted living and senior care centers for the senior in their life. Or they may have to hire a company to provide care in the home. While this can certainly be a viable and safe option, many family members worry that they are making the right choice after hearing about the stories which fill the news about elder abuse and neglect. To address this growing need, there is a new service which can help you to make sure Grandma or Grandpa or any loved one is being taken care of in the way you expect. The use of a senior care auditor can help to make sure this happens whether you live down the street or across the country.

We at The CareGiver Partnership have been studying this new type of service now for two years. After careful evaluation and due diligence of the options, we feel confident recommending Penrose Senior Care Auditing. We feel they will help you feel reassured that your loved one is receiving the dignified care which you expect and they deserve. And if not, you’ll immediately know about it. No longer will you need to wonder if your loved one is experiencing senior abuse or neglect or if they are receiving the care you’re paying for and they deserve.

With the trained auditors at Penrose Senior Care Auditing you’ll know firsthand what is happening with your loved one when you can’t be there yourself. They will visit your loved one in their residence and conduct a 7 factor audit, (which includes 150 separate items) and then their report will be immediately emailed to you. Some of the areas Penrose Senior Care Auditing will closely examine include:
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditing will closely examine the level of cleanliness and clutter both in the overall facility and the individual room where your loved one resides. They will examine all aspects of this area from actual clutter left to odors which may be present due to substandard cleaning. They will examine whether cleaning is being done on a regular basis and garbage is being disposed of properly. This helps to insure your senior is being cared for in the cleanest and healthiest manner. 
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditing will closely examine the level of caregivers support and accessibility. Many family members worry their loved one is not being attended to or is being taken care of by staff who are cold or even worse abusive. Auditors will examine whether there is sufficient staff on hand and how fast they respond to the needs of the residents. They will also observe as to whether the staff conducts themselves in the most professional manner. 
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditing will closely examine the level of care your senior is receiving. They will look closely for signs of senior abuse. They will check to see if the hygiene of the senior is a priority and the overall mood of your loved one. This will help you to determine if the facility your loved one is in is the right choice. 
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors will examine the operations and maintenance of the the items in your seniors residence. Is the technology working? Does maintenance need to be done? Are the appliances, scooters, and other items in good order? The senior care auditor will help to make sure your senior has access to and can use the things in their home.
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If you feel Penrose Senior Care auditors may be the right choice for your loved ones needs, you can try them out and receive 10% off. Here’s how:

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Loved ones that have visitors often senior facilities, get better care.

It is a fact that better care is provided when the staff knows that a family member, loved one or another is closely monitoring the care being provided. Penrose Senior Care Auditors makes sure your senior loved-ones are okay – and that caregivers are doing their jobs. 

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