Bedside Care For Incontinent Elderly

Caring for an elderly who is bedridden and incontinent. 
There are many challenges for the caregivers of seniors. If you are a caregiver for an elderly loved one in your life, it can at times be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are the caregiver for a bedridden senior who is incontinent. This can present many different issues. However it is important that caregivers understand the unique needs of the bedridden incontinent senior and how they can best deal with them. When these needs are clearly understood the caregiver can not only provide a higher quality of care but can help to improve the health status of the person in their care. 

Bedside care is defined as any type of care that is administered for a bedridden senior. This can include but is not limited to: helping them eat, bathing them, and taking care of incontinence issues. It is important that caregivers know that there are many different products and supplies that can help them to accomplish these tasks with the highest degree of care and efficiency.

Incontinence is an ongoing challenge for a caregiver of a bedridden senior. The reality is that the elderly person cannot get up and go to the bathroom under this own power. The voiding needs of the senior will need to be met in bed. This begins with the right incontinence underwear. Caregivers can find a variety of different incontinence products that can help address this need. Many caregivers find that the senior in their care will need a heavier and more absorbent incontinence product so that the delicate skin of the senior is not harmed with contact by urine and fecal manner. In addition, since the bedridden senior will need to be changed while still laying in bed it is important that an adult diaper is used that is easy to remove and gather up so that a mess is not made. Caregivers may find that they need to try several different brands of adult diapers before they find the one that meets the incontinence needs of the bedridden person in their care. At Caregiver a team of all female caregivers can help you to find the right incontinence supplies for the elderly man or woman in your care. In addition, to using the right incontinence undergarments there are also products that can help to protect the bed, bedding, and anything else from coming into contact with urine or fecal matter. When these are used correctly it can help to reduce the number of changes that will be needed.

Another major challenge associated with caring for a bedridden incontinent senior is that of skin care. All elderly have much more delicate skin that can easily be harmed by lying in bed or by having incontinence accidents that come in contact with their skin. Keep in mind that even simple chafing can progress to open sores and life threatening infections. Using the correct types of skin care products is crucial in addition, to making sure that the bedridden individual has the most absorbent incontinence undergarment possible. Finally, the skin of the bedridden individual should be cleaned and moisturized regularly to help prevent serious skin problems from happening. 

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