Elderly Care at Night

Every caregiver needs to consider night care for the elderly.
Night care for the elderly is something every caregiver needs to consider. The risks for falling and serious injury increase at night because the low light, disorientation, and lack of immediate help. Protect your senior loved one by doing two things: Helping them stay in bed at night, and making it safer for them when they do leave their bed. 

Encourage staying in bed. 

Every year the senior community suffers from over 13 million falls, one every few seconds. Many of the seniors who take a tumble are unable to get up on their own. When this occurs at night, especially if no one is around, it can have serious consequences. The best way to prevent falls at night is to keep your senior loved one in bed. A few tools to help with this include:

Bed rails: Bed rails are a great tool for elderly care at night. Not only can they be a stabilizer for seniors as they enter and exit their bed, but they can also act as a barrier, to prevent seniors falling out of bed.

Incontinence supplies: One of the most common reasons seniors leave their beds at night is to use the bathroom. Incontinence supplies such as adult diapers, bed pads, and more can help reduce the number of times a senior must get up at night, while providing a comfortable and safe alternative.

Make leaving bed a safer option.

While staying in bed would be the ideal, there will be times when a senior feels the need to leave his or her bed at night. When this is the case, make sure they have a safe route to take without rugs, and furniture getting in the way. Consider these products for added safety:

Bed rails can again provide safety for seniors, as it makes getting out of bed easier, especially just after waking up. There are many options to choose from in various lengths, strengths, and sizes.

A monitoring system. This is a great option, especially for the senior who lives alone. If they were to fall during the night, it could be several hours before help arrives, turning a potentially harmless fall into a serious medical situation. Eliminate this concern with an elderly monitoring system that allows seniors to call for help any time they need it.

Slipper socks. These are socks that can help with traction, reducing the risk of falling as seniors navigate through their dark home.

Motion sensor lights. Seniors will not want to leave lights on, but trying to navigate the halls of a home in the dark can be dangerous, instead consider installing motion sensor, or night lights in the high traffic areas such as from the room to the bathroom, or the room to the kitchen.

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