What incontinence supplies do you need?

 Learn what options are available for incontinence.

If you are a caregiver for an elderly person, and are now having to deal with incontinence issues, you may be wondering what supplies you need to have on hand. Incontinence can be a difficult issue to deal with, one that is charged with lots of emotion. This is especially true if you are the caregiver, for an elderly parent, who is suffering from incontinence.One of the major steps, to dealing with incontinence in a calm way, is to have, the supplies you need.
This way your senior loved one can have what they need immediately, and be cared for in the best possible way. While every situation is different, there are basic supplies that will make dealing with incontinence easier. Here is what you need to know, about what incontinence supplies you should have on hand-

  • Disposable briefs and/or pull-on underwear-When incontinence becomes an issue, it is no longer practical, for the elderly person to wear traditional underwear. These types of underwear are sometimes referred to as “adult diapers”, but gone are the days of having to wear bulky, and uncomfortable disposable underwear. Today seniors can wear this type of underwear, discreetly under their regular clothing. They are highly absorbent, and some brands even offer odor control. You may have to try a few different types, before you find just the right one. However, when you do, it is best to have a large selection on hand, for changing when necessary. Today there are services like Caregiverpartnership.com that can ship what you need directly to you and offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount spent.
  • Booster pads-These are just like the name described. These small pads can be inserted in the disposable underwear, for extra absorbency and protection. They offer an increased capacity for any disposable underwear, and many people find them helpful at night. Most are unisex, and have odor control and skin protectant built in. Having a supply on hand is important for those times, when disposable underwear or briefs, may not be enough protection.
  • Bed or chair pads-These pads come in handy for covering beds, chairs, or even wheelchairs, for a person suffering with incontinence. They are highly absorbent, and should an accident happen, they can protect furniture and bed coverings. Most are disposable; however, there are some that are washable, and re-useable. If accidents are a problem, having some of these on hand, to limit the consequences, can be helpful for both the caregiver and the senior.
  • Latex gloves and disposal bags-It is important to have the right tools on hand, for dealing with incontinence. Two of these are latex gloves and disposal bags. This way if you need to clean your elderly loved one, or clean up an accident, you can do so safely and efficiently. Gloves and bags should be on hand, with the rest of your incontinence supplies.
  • Wipes and skin cleansers-Many people who suffer from incontinence, also bear the additional burden of having their skin suffer. You can have gentle wipes for cleaning, along with skin cleansers, and moisturizers, made just for delicate and aging skin. These products should be stored in a cabinet that is easily accessible, with all the other incontinence supplies you need to have on hand.
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