3 New Products (Plus 5 Tips) that Make Incontinence Product Disposal Discreet and Odor-Free

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

The CareGiver Partnership is offering its customers three new choices for discreetly managing incontinence. The Akord Disposal System, Fresh Sacks and Heaven Scent provide discreet disposal and odor control. We’ve also included five practical tips for eliminating incontinence odors in the home.

Because of product innovations in the area of managing urinary and bowel incontinence, disposing of adult diapers, briefs and other incontinence products now is easier and more sanitary. These products and tips are especially useful for family caregivers who take care of those using adult diapers, briefs and bed pads. For these caregivers and their loved ones, discreet, odor-free, in-home disposal can be a challenge, which is why we’re always looking for product innovations to make their lives easier.

 Watch this video - a caregiver demonstrates the Akord disposal system

Akord Incontinence Disposal System - Ideal for Caregivers

The Akord Disposal System is an adult diaper pail that offers odor-free, mess-free, discreet disposal of incontinence products. Similar to the Diaper Genie for babies, users simply step on an easy-press foot pedal and drop products through a trap-door design into durable, powder-scented liners. The liners are on a continuous roll, so caregivers can cut and tie the bags at any point with a mounted cutter.

Akord offers advanced odor control through its rubber-seal lid and spring-loaded trap-door system. The Akord Disposal System is available from The CareGiver Partnership as a complete starter kit, diaper pail only or refill packs, all available in two sizes and at new lower price points. The larger pail will hold about a dozen products, or a 3- to 4-day supply.

Here are two other disposal options

Other adult diaper disposal options at The CareGiver Partnership include two new types of scented bags. Fresh Sacks biodegradable disposal bags with an odor-blocking scent are available in two sizes: an economical roll of 250 bags, and a 50-pack that includes two soft packs of 25 that are ideal for travel.

Heaven Scent premium powder-scented bags not only fight adult diaper odor; they’re also popular for discreet disposal of feminine hygiene products and baby diapers. The opaque bags are sold in boxes of 50.

Here are five other ways to control odors at home resulting from urinary or bowel incontinence:

  • Choosing the correct type and size of incontinence products. 
  • Covering chairs and beds with protective absorbent pads. 
  • Using covered clothes hampers when clothing can’t be laundered right away. 
  • Cleaning soiled areas with vinegar and water and using deodorizing products. 
  • Having furniture and carpets professionally cleaned when needed.
For more information, visit our Incontinence page for a free and easy-to-use Incontinence Product Finder tool.

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